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During a vacation to California to visit my sister and her family, I purchased a tea towel with a very pretty herb design. The tea towel was too pretty to use in the kitchen so I decided to create a small wall hanging with the herbs as the focal point. But, what to use as a frame? After testing several ideas, I created a quilt block design loosely based on the Picnic Time block. I named it Picnic Frame. This block is very easy to piece. Quick piecing techniques are used for both the half square triangles and the flying geese. Piecing instructions are available here . Here is a picture of my herb wall hanging. I added the block to MyWebQuilter .com with several color options. I think it would look beautiful with a large print Oriental fabric as the focal fabric. Here are two possible color options. I also added a twin size quilt pattern to the MyWebQuilter .com gallery. The blocks make a pretty secondary design in this pattern. Go to MyWebQuilter .com to ch

Quilting with Selvages

Creating beautiful quilted items from fabric selvages is the ultimate recycling project! Here is just one of many sites that provides ideas for using selvages. My friend Linda was inspired to collect selvages and create a quilt. (I contributed a few selvages!). She started making Half - Half Square Triangle blocks using her selvages. The block looks like this. The stripes are the fabric selvages pieced together. She used the selvage strips on the diagonal in the larger and smaller triangles. She had a pattern using this block in a wall hanging but she wanted a bed size quilt. How many blocks are needed to make it bed size? What would the pattern look like if it was larger? Did you need an even number of rows to make it look nice? What would an odd number of rows look like? MyWebQuilter .com comes to the rescue to answer these questions! By adding a few rows, columns and a small border we came up with a twin size (62 x 80 ) quilt. Linda commented.... " For

My Irish Chain Quilt

I have always loved Irish Chain quilts. I decided to try one based on a Fon's & Porter pattern called Dave's Irish Chain . It took me a year to finish the top. It was the first time I attempted such a large project using strip piecing. I learned many things - including how critical it is to stay organized! I made the queen size quilt from the Fon's and Porter quilt pattern. MyWebQuilter .com came in handy because, after testing the "finished" quilt top on the bed in my guest bedroom, I decided is should be larger. I wanted it to cover the bed and hang to the floor. I used MyWebQuilter .com to calculate the fabric required for an extra border and as well as the new requirements for the backing and binding fabric. Here is a picture of my quilt top. It is at Heirloom Quilting in Powers MI to be quilted on a long arm quilting machine. Find out more about this quilt pattern by coping it from the gallery at MyWebQuilter .com.
I am always inspired by Janet Wickell 's blog and newsletter at . I created two different quilt patterns with her new King's Crown block pattern using MyWebQuilter .com. Both are twin size quilts. The first in shades of bright orange uses just the King's Crown block in a traditional set. The the second combines the Double Pinwheel block (another of Janet's quilt block patterns) with the King's Crown. I did this in shades of white/gray/black because it is still winter where I live. This color scheme looks like the snow at night! It would be pretty to use some silver metallic as part of the gray fabric to make it look like sparkles on the snow. Both patterns are in the MyWebQuilter .com Quilt Gallery. Use the patterns for free or use them as a starting point for your own quilt design. Happy Quilting!