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New Log Cabin Quilt Block Variations

Two new fun Log Cabin Quilt Block Variations have been added to MyWebQuilter .com . This expands the number of free quilt block patterns at MyWebQuilter .com to more than 150! Here are examples of the two new quilt blocks in a black/white color pallet. MyWebQuilter .com includes several standard color pallets as well as letting you recolor quilt blocks on line for free. Quilts made from these blocks look like this. Click here for the free quilt pattern for the first quilt. Click here for the free quilt pattern for the second quilt. Try using these new Log Cabin quilt blocks when using the free quilt design software - MyWebQuilter .com . Happy Quilting Amber

More Quilt Design Capabilities at

Creating quilt designs at MyWebQuilter .com is now more flexible and powerful. You can now manually place quilt blocks in a quilt design and rotate quilt blocks in any direction. This quilt design, Maple among Pines, is an example of using the new quilt design software capabilities at MyWebQuilter .com . Click here for the free quilt pattern for 'Maple among Pine Trees. The Design Quilt page at MyWebQuilter .com looks like this. The Quilt Block area of the screen has been highlighted with a red box. When you first arrive at the screen, MyWebQuilter .com will automatically place quilt blocks in the design based on your selected quilt blocks. Use the check boxes to the right of the selected quilt blocks to choose blocks for automatic placement. To manually place a block on the quilt design, first click the block picture in the selected block list. Then click on the square on the quilt to place it. To rotate or flip blocks, first click the rotate or flip buttons. Then cl