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More Free Quilt Patterns at

The Quilt Gallery at MyWebQuilter .com has been updated to include quilt patterns for every quilt block and standard color that is on the website. There are now more than 1000 free quilt patterns! The new gallery page lets you search the free quilt patterns by the block name and by color. Links are provided to view the pattern or to copy the pattern as a starting point for designing your own quilt. I hope you enjoy these new patterns! Happy Quilting, Amber

Out on the Town

I have digressed from making quilts designed using MyWebQuilter and instead made several art quilts. We started a local art quilting group that has been a tremendous inspiration to me. So here is a picture of my latest art quilt. My inspiration was old pictures of my mother-in-law and father-in-law out on the town when my father-in-law used to play the saxophone in a big band group. However, I have had several people tell me the silhouette of the woman looks like Michele Obama. The background uses multiple batik fabrics and is based on Ricky Tims ' convergence quilt pattern. The couple is free motion appliqué . The shiny parts are quilting with metallic thread and angelina fibers . This was a very fun quilt to make! Happy quilting, Amber

Perfect Binding Miter Tool

I have started adding products that I recommend to a shopping page at MyWebQuilter .com. I just added the Perfect Binding Miter tool created by my friend Glenna. This little tool is very simple to use and helps you make a perfect miter on your quilt binding. I had trouble making these miters until Glenna showed me how to use her tool. There is a free video showing how to use this handy little tool as well as a link to purchase it at MyWebQuilter .com . Here is an example of one of my quilts where I used the Perfect Binding Miter tool. This wall hanging is based on Ricky Tims ' Convergence pattern. I used batik fabrics that created a forest fire effect. It was a very fun little quilt to make. Here is a detail photo of the miter at the corner of the binding. Happy Quilting, Amber

More Free Quilt Block Patterns: Air Castle & By Chance

Two new free quilt block patterns are now available in MyWebQuilter .com . Both are 9 Patch blocks. Air Castle is a interesting star quilt block. By Chance looks like this. MyWebQuilter .com is a free website that lets you combine quilt blocks into your own quilt designs. After you create a design, MyWebQuilter .com creates a pattern for you. Here is an example quilt using these two blocks in modern black & white. Happy quilting! Amber