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I usually write about quilting and new features on On a totally different subject today, I just posted a web page for two great organic gardening books written by my mother, Nancy Johnston. Her first book, Dirty Knees, is a month by month check list of what to do in your garden. Her second book, Needs of the Seeds, provides detailed instructions for starting vegetable seeds indoors. My parents retired to a small farm in Rockbridge Baths, VA in the 1990's and had extensive organic vegetable gardens. They supplied many local restaurants and farmer's markets. My mother wrote these books during that time. Unfortunately, both my parents have since passed away. My mom's books are still available on Amazon. Check them out at this link .
A new quilt backing and binding calculator has been added to MyWebQuilter .com. The link for the calculator is here . There are two options. Select a stand US quilt size using one of the buttons on the right. Or, enter your quilt size and click calculate. Enjoy using this helpful tool. Happy Quilting!