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Mini Fabric Art Collages

Last fall my art quilting group had a program using Lenore Crawford's fabric art collage technique. One of our members had attended a class by Lenore and showed us the technique. In that meeting, I created the summer and fall mini collages in the picture below. This past weekend I finished the seasons adding winter and spring. It is a fun, fast and easy technique. I found nice shadow boxes on sale at Michael's . The shadow boxes fit very nicely on the shelves in my living room! This past weekend was great! I had fun attending Wicked in Appleton, WI and then came home to watch the Packers win! I live about 2 hours north east of Green Bay so we are all Packer fans here! Happy Quilting! Amber For more than 200 free quilt block patterns, free quilt design software and free quilting calculators visit MyWebQuilter .com .

Pin Cushion Doll Continued

I have been so busy with fun activities lately that I have missed my blogging! Ski season has arrived! I joined a ladies downhill ski club and am going weekly to Marquette Mountain. I have downhill skiied only a few times before and broke my arm six years ago skiing in Montana. I was VERY nervous about trying downhill skiing again! Here is our beginner ski class as the top of the chair lift. We made it up AND down safely! I am the one on the right with the new red helmet! Back to quilting and sewing....a few weeks ago, I blogged about attending a pin cushion doll class. It was very fun! Paulette is an excellent teacher. Here is my "girl". Sally attended the class with me. Here is a gang of girls...from the left they are Paulette's class sample, Sally's doll, and then mine. We think Sally's looks like Barbara Streisand. Well today, I am off to visit Jerri's Quilt Patch in Norway, Mi. They are having a fantastic Superbowl sale that can't be re