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Showing posts from February, 2014

New How-to: Adding Borders and Using the Border Calculator

I just added a new How-to showing how to add simple borders to a quilt and use the Border Calculator . The Border Calculator lets you enter the size of your quilt and the borders.  It then provides fabric requirements and cutting information. Check out the new How-to and add some borders to a quilt!

New Quilt Block Diagonal Square

Diagonal Square is a fun, non-symmetrical quilt block that is good for modern or traditional quilts. Color this block in any color, see the block pattern and use this block in a quilt pattern with the free quilt design software at . Quick Quilt options lets you quickly see how arranging this block in different configurations will look in a quilt.  Click on the different layout buttons to see different arrangements. Here are just a few of the layout options in yellow and red.  I love the stripe fabric as the medium in the red version of this block!

New Quilt Block and Quick Quilt Layout Options

The 9 Patch Straight Furrow Quilt Block has been added to .  Here is the block in blacks, blues and reds.  Go to to color this block your way!             9 Patch Straight Furrow is a fun block to use with the new Quick Quilt Layout Options at .    Here are four of the nine quick quilt layout options using this 9 Patch Straight Furrow block in blacks.  Hard to believe all these patterns are made using the same block!     

New Fabric Calculator on has a new Fabric Calculator! On the top section of the screen enter a number in either US or Metric.  Click the Calculate button to see that amount in all the other units of measure.  Makes it easy to convert yard to inches, inches to yards, inches to meters, yards to meters, etc.  Enjoy using this new calculator !