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Showing posts from August, 2009

Quilts using Ocean Waves Quilt Block

My friend Sally was inspired by Janet Wickell at and asked me to add the Ocean Waves quilt block to MyWebQuilter .com so she could create her own quilt design using this block. Ocean Waves is great for scrap quilts. Sally is a member of Stashbusters and is dedicated to using up her massive fabric stash. I added the block as well as two quilt designs to the gallery at MyWebQuilter .com. The first quilt design is similar to the quilt in Janet's web page. My second design combines the Ocean Waves quilt block with the Buckeye Beauty quilt block for a very interesting design. Happy quilting!

Another Design Idea for Aida's Blocks

My previous blog post included two possible quilts designs to use some old quilt blocks made by a member of Aida's family. These designs used 12 blocks per quilt. Aida would like to use 13 blocks per quilt. Using exactly 13 blocks makes the design rather difficult! Here is another quilt design idea that Aida and I created. This design is in the gallery at . Happy Quilting!