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What to do with Bright Swirl Fat Quarters

Margaret, from a quilt forum that I read, writes: __________________________________________________________ I'm in a quandary --I've recently bought a set of fat quarters that are the same swirl pattern in about 12 colors. and haven't the vaguest idea what to do with them. I just liked all the colors....Can anyone suggest a specific block or pattern that I can use without it looking like a mess when it's finished? the colors are your basic six--red,orange,yellow, green, blue, purple-- plus brown and a couple of extra shades of green & blue & pink. But it's all the same basic allover swirl pattern. Thanks for any suggestions. __________________________________________________________ I used MyWebQuilter .com to create one possible pattern using black as a background fabric. I used a simple Double 9 Patch quilt block. Each block uses two contrasting bright swirls with the black for an overall striking effect. You could replace the black with white