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Quilts for Kids

My quilt guild has been making " Quilts for Kids ". This is a wonderful program that provides the comforting touch of quilts to children in hospitals. We made six of these quilts at our last meeting. It is easy to participate. Just sign up for a free kit. The kits are easy to make, well organized and include very nice fabric. For details and more information check out the Quilts for Kids website . Here is the quilt I made. I named it Meow to go with the fun cat fabric. The pattern for this easy patterns is also available at MyWebQuilter .com . Happy Quilting! Amber

Wall Quilts

You can see Barn Quilts - quilt blocks painted and attached to barns - in many places. Here is one example. But, what if you like the idea, but don't have a barn? How about a Wall Quilt? I have many quilts hanging on the walls in my house but also had a few places where a fabric quilt would be easily damaged. So, I got out the old paint cans, a long level/ruler and the painter's tape out to make my "wall quilts". Here is a set of Eccentric Star blocks on my garage wall and door from garage into the house. The block pattern for Eccentric Star is available on MyWebQuilter .com . I couldn't stop there. I put Storm at Sea on the other side of the door between the house and garage. Happy quilting - and painting! Amber