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What to do with my Block of the Month?

My quilt guild just finished our most recent block of the month program. Here is how our block of the month program worked. One of our members selected the block patterns and organized one or two different blocks for us each to make every month. Usually she supplied a background fabric and recommendations of fabrics to use. She collected all the blocks. When we had made the same number of blocks as there are members in the program, we each selected the set of blocks that we wanted. We drew numbers to determine our turn for selecting. I selected the Broken Dishes blocks made from batiks. The block pattern looks like this. Here is a photo of the actual quilt blocks. So, what do I do with my blocks? I used MyWebQuilter .com to come up with possible design. By setting the broken dishes quilt blocks with a small sash with a colored square at the sash intersections and at the center of each block, the quilt would have an added circle pattern. I have a yard or two of the b

Quilt Block Patterns and Resizing

At MyWebQuilter .com, we have been hard at work adding more detail to the free quilt block patterns. We now include cutting instructions and the ability to resize quilt blocks as well as links to instructions. Following is an example of the new quilt block pattern and resizing page for the Buckeye Beauty quilt block. Happy quilting.