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I was reading a blog today where the blogger was working with a cute cow fabric...she says...

"I was hoping to make two simple, alternating quilt blocks in contrasting colors for baby's undeveloped eyes. But I can't find a decent pattern to contrast with this block that I do like. Here's my first block attempt (it doesn't work at all but I really wanted to find a way to use the cow print and polka dots)."

This is a PERFECT application for!

I tried her first block option in and agree with here that it just isn't right. The strips take over and the cute cow fabric gets lost.

I came up with two possible options using Simple sashing with the cow fabric with black for the sash intersections, keeps the focus on the cow fabric. You could easily test different sash fabrics, such as the pink polka dot, using

I also like combining her blocks with a simple 4 patch quilt block in pink and black. I like the diagonal created by the black print.

I also tried nine patch, churn dash and snowball quilt blocks for this quilt design. lets you test your designs on-line before making the blocks.

Try creating your own ideas for this baby quilt using the cow novelty print using It is easy, fun and free!


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