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I am in the process of updating the Quilting Calculators to look great on your mobile phone.

I have completed the updates for the following calculators:

Check them out and let me know what you think.

I am still working on the mobile phone updates for the other quilting calculators.  They will work now on your phone but the new look will make them better.  The other calculators are:
  • Half Square Triangles
  • On Point Setting Triangles
  • Measurement Conversions
  • Quilt Sashing


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New Log Cabin Quilt Block Variations

Two new fun Log Cabin Quilt Block Variations have been added to This expands the number of free quilt block patterns at to more than 150!

Here are examples of the two new quilt blocks in a black/white color pallet. includes several standard color pallets as well as letting you recolor quilt blocks on line for free.

Quilts made from these blocks look like this. Click here for the free quilt pattern for the first quilt. Click here for the free quilt pattern for the second quilt.

Try using these new Log Cabin quilt blocks when using the free quilt design software - Happy Quilting Amber

Quilt Shows!

I really enjoyed attending the Evergreen Quilt Show in Green Bay, WI last weekend. It was very inspiring.

My friend, Sally won a first place prize for her art quilt.

We are off to the Chicago quilt show tomorrow!

New Quilt Sash Calculator

I added a new calculator to to quickly calculate quilt sash fabric requirements. 

Just enter the number of columns, rows, block size and sash width.  Additional options include calculations in inches or CM and including a border the same size as the sash.  Click on Calculate to get your sash fabric requirements, quilt dimensions and instructions. 

All the MyWebQuilter calculators are easy to use on your mobile phone!