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Broken Branch Free Quilt Block Pattern

Playing with the Broken Branch Free Quilt Block Pattern at  is fun because it is asymmetrical. The Quick One Block Quilt Pattern Designer lets you easily see different layouts of this block. 

Here is a picture of the block and just four of the possible quilt layouts.


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One Block Quilt Designer

Use the #MyWebQuilter Free One Block Quilt Designer to twist and turn, rearrange, and recolor quilt blocks.  Get an automatic pattern for your creation with one click! Here are a few options using the BowTie quilt block.

Square in Square Quilt Block Calculator

I just added a free Square in Square quilt block calculator to . You can enter either the finished square size or the inside square size.  The calculator makes sure you always have a minimum 1/4 inch seam beyond the inside square points.

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